Poker Polishing Machine
Features and usages
For the last 20 years our company has researched and developed playing cards machine.
Our company designs Poker Polishing Machines which are essential machinery needed in the card business.
Our machine is cost effective because it is able to save on paper usage; it maximizes the whole paper process, while creating a glossy finish and thickness to your cards.
The Poker Polishing Machine is strong and reliable; the washing process is top rated, with three automatic stages for drying.
The heating panel is 14 meters in length and the radiate is 8 meters but these dimensions can be changed to customer's specifications.
  Technical Data   SG-800 SG-950
  Poker Polishing
Width 800mm 950mm
Heating system Electrothermal Electrothermal
Drying times 30sec 30sec
Length 26m 26m
Power 25kw 25kw
Range of application