Automatic Poker Polishing Machine
Features and usages
The automatic poker polishing machine is a necessary equipment for playing cards.
The machine can disposable double-surface and glazing thickness uniformity,
machine heating oven insulation performance is very good, it can greatly improve the gloss of paper.
The device of oven is designed as a double levels structure. the machine with automatic paper feeding,
go through double-sided polishing, followed by drying conveying upon heating oven,
and finally get into the calender rolling to make the paper strong with automatically collection,
the whole machine runs stability, the conveyor belt runs smoothly.
There are many playing cards making factory using the machine in china, we have been received feedback very well .
  Technical Data   ASG-800 ASG-1000 ASG-1200
  Technical Data Paper Width
800mm 950mm 1200mm
Heating System Electrical Heating Electrical Heating Electrical Heating
Produce Speed
30sec 30sec 100千瓦 100KW
Power 25kw 25kw  
Machine Length 38m 38m 38m
Range of application