Automatic Poker-matching Machine

Features and usages
PF540/1040 card machine is mainly used for all kinds of card paper, card paper cutting, composite.
It not only high efficiency, and the precision of the cutting is also high,
For different specifications of the card, poker for cutting, and ensure the printing order, same before,
According to the order of the design of composite, it is an ideal equipment professional production of CARDS and poker.
The machine process automation, automatic feed, automatic cutting, automatic folding card, automatic card.
Integrates light, machine, electricity, gas integration, safe in operation and easy performance may be stable.

  Technical Data   PF-590 PF-1040
Max paper size
720×560 mm
1040×720 mm
Min paper size
450×550 mm 720×560 mm
Max card size
65×90 mm 90×120 mm
Min card size
50×65 mm 50×65 mm
Paper thickness 150-450 g/m2 150-450 g/m2
Best machine speed
30000 sheets/h 50000 sheets/h
Machine power
7kw 8.9kw
Power 380V 50Hz 380V 50Hz
Packing size
3250×4350×1400mm 5020×5230×1950mm
Weight 3000kg 4000kg